Should I cut the cord?

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That depends.  The content wars are turning into the content truce and that means shows may end up on multiple providers. First two seasons on Netflix, next four on Hulu and the episodes current on Cable. Uh oh. Cutting the cord is starting to sound more expensive than advertised. Between Amazon Prime, Netflix, iTunes and Hulu, watching TV can really add up.

Here is a sure fire plan to get the most TV for your money.  Do this in order until you’re out of money.

1. Get a TV Antenna from Mohu – No monthly fees, live TV, Football, etc.
2. Get Amazon Prime – HBO shows, original content, free shipping
3. HuluPlus – Recent content, no commercials, Amy Schumer
4. Netflix – House of Cards, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy
5. DirecTV – if you’re this far down, you’re a junkie, might as well go all-in Premier package, NFL Sunday ticket, three figure month bill and forget why you ever considered cutting the cord in the first place

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  2. KiKi Nikko

    Content is King, so there will always be wars – GoT style 😊 Speaking of, HBO is rockin the good shows, aren’t they?! Hulu, HBO and Netflix and I’m happy 😊 Good post – helpful!

  3. Author

    Thanks for the comment KiKi. I thought HBO was the King of content until I read this:

    “Barely three years after it started churning out its own programming, Netflix already has more original series in various stages of production than HBO, the longtime leader of premium cable content and a network that has been in business for over 40 years.”

    This is going to get very interesting in the next 18 months.


  4. KiKi Nikko

    Ah yes … Remember tho when it comes to curated content quality is more important than quantity. Like we’ve been talking about design-thinking vs platform-thinking and the balance of the right producers for consumers? Netflix could have more but who has BETTER content? All I know is competition is good for all of us … And you’re right … It’s going to be interesting! Looking forward to your reviews!

  5. Author

    KiKi, what if you were on a deserted island, that had internet, and you could only pick between Netflix, Hulu or HBO? Which would you choose?

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